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Costs of 60 Recalls Cuts GM's Second Quarter Profits

GM's faulty ignition switch problems, together with all other recalls so far on 29 million vehicles, though only 22 million in second quarter, cut second quarter loses by 80%. The pre-tax losses claimed come from several fronts, though all involve the recalls. $400 million, so far, has been put into a fund to compensate victims of the faulty ignition switch, 13 dead to date and many accidents. Ken Feinberg is administering the Fund. Feinberg also administered both the 9/11 Fund and BP oil spill Fund. Claims are being accepted for GM's Fund beginning August 1 until the end of the year. The Fund itself may grow to $600 million or more, with no apparent limit placed on it. 

Driverless Cars About to Hit the Road

self-driving-car-300x300.jpgCome September, California will be granting licenses for autonomous vehicles. Driverless cars. Other states have passed laws for driverless cars and still others have it under consideration, but none but California are to the point of granting licenses. The California license grant will only be for testing purposes with massive insurance coverage requirements, so do not run out to get your driverless vehicle yet. It will take some time while Google works out the kinks, together with Toyota and BMW who are also in the race with this technology.

A Victory for Wheaton in the Birth Control Debate

Birth-Control.jpgThe debate about birth control has raged on for years and years, and it has shown no signs of abating any time soon. Is it ethical or not, whether through contraceptives, coitus interruptus, or abortion? That is the raging question, and everyone seems to have their own opinions and arguments regarding the issue.

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