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Common sources of Lemon Law claims

Every car comes with its share of problems, quirks and frustrations. Even if the car is new, buyers can learn pretty quickly that may not operate or function exactly as they hoped. While it can be easy to think that these issues make the car a lemon, this is not always the case.

3 defenses to expect if you have a lemon claim in California

Buying a new car is no small decision for most people. Oftentimes, prospective buyers conduct research, test drive different options and shop around for the best price before they decide to buy a new car. With all that goes into this process, buyers should be able to expect that the car they ultimately purchase will be in excellent shape and free from defects.

Lemon laws stand up for the little guy

If you buy a toaster that turns out to not work correctly, you’d expect that you’d have legal recourse in terms of calling the manufacturer or taking it back to the store you purchased it from and exchanging it for a new one. Why would you lose that same level of protection on one of the biggest purchases you could make, a new car?

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