Lemon cars leave a bitter taste in your mouth

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In California, cars are important. They are really the only way we have of getting to work, to school, to shop, to enjoy the state.

So it is a bitter experience to shell out thousands for a car only to find there is something really wrong -- unfixable -- about it.

How can the average person fight back against manufacturers and dealers who really don't care if you can get from place to place?

It's one of those areas of life where the little guy doesn't have much of a chance to fight back.

Except that The Law Office of Robert L Starr exists to take on the big car companies and win.

$477 million settlement against BMW

California has one of the nation's toughest "lemon laws," which forces car makers to accept responsibility when a car they made just can't be made to run. Robert L. Starr has racked up victory after victory for ordinary consumers who come up against the indifference of car companies.

One of Mr. Starr's most powerful weapons is the class action lawsuit. It allows him to band large numbers of consumers who have been dealt a lemon together. In one voice, they demonstrate that auto companies pursue a deliberate policy of ignoring the terms of the express warranties they issue.

$100 million settlement against Nissan

Robert L. Starr uses the power of multiple wronged consumers to make a point that is hard to ignore.

Class action lawsuits target manufacturers, using the California Lemon Law. The law applies not just to new cars but also to leased and certified pre-owned cars that are still under warranty.

Used car problems, especially when the car has been purchased recently, often constitute dealer fraud. In most of these cases, though, it is people who RECENTLY bought a car, whether new or used. Robert L. Starr represents ordinary Californians in lemon law cases involving cars purchased or leased for personal, family, or household purposes.

Based in Southern California, The Law Office of Robert L Starr represents wronged consumers in every part of the state. Lemon law and dealer fraud cases are statewide - most clients don't even need to come in to be represented.

Lemon law cases typically turn on the knowledge of the attorneys involved - who knows the law best, and is familiar with relevant precedents. Without question, auto makers hire competent, experienced lawyers.

Power against power

With Robert L. Starr, you match car company lawyers with an attorney who can go up against them and win. The firm has its own mechanics who establish upfront what is wrong with the car. Robert L. Starr himself is crazy about cars - he can tell you instantly why yours lives in the shop.

Ask the people at BMW or Nissan. They paid a HUGE price for underestimating a lawyer who is passionate about obtaining justice for the little guy.

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