Another recall coming for Honda?

It's bad enough for an automaker to have one recall, but two in a year for the same problem? That's not great.

Earlier this year, Honda agreed to a settlement in a class action lawsuit over the Takata airbags in its vehicles. The airbags, which were installed in the cars of 19 auto manufacturers for numerous model years, were responsible for killing 16 people and injuring hundreds. It was the country's largest recall, with 42 million vehicles affected.

Now Honda is facing another recall - or a re-recall - for the same problem. The new recall expands on the one issued in September for the airbags, as Honda estimates the Takata airbag inflators may have been improperly installed on as many as 646 Honda vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Honda dealers have been notified about the expanded recall. Honda is currently waiting on a formal response from NHTSA before the company issues a statement.

The previous recall affected the following models, which may be affected by the re-recall:

  • Honda Accord 2008-2012
  • Honda Crosstour 2010-2012
  • Honda Civic 2006-2011
  • Honda CRV 2007-2011
  • Honda Fit 2009-2012
  • Honda Insight 2010-2012
  • Honda Pilot 2009-2012

If you own one of these models and recently had a new airbag installed due to a recall, you may need to bring it back in for yet another replacement or installation.

The re-recall likely won't lead to another class action lawsuit for the company, but owners of Honda vehicles should pay attention to their airbags and any issues that may arise from a faulty installation.