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Lemon law protections are not always easy to get

Most major purchases come with some sort of warranty. These warranties promise that the product will function as it is meant to, and if it is defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace it. Motor vehicles come with similar warranties. Vehicles with defects that cannot be repaired, even after numerous attempts by a manufacturer's mechanics, may fall under the lemon law. California consumers should know it is not always easy to get a manufacturer to honor the protections that law affords, and obtaining satisfaction may require legal assistance.

Woman says dealer fraud left her with flood-damaged car

Purchasing a used vehicle is often a milestone, especially for those who have been struggling to get their lives back on track. Having a vehicle means no longer having to rely on public transportation or friends for rides to work and for running errands. Taking on the burden of gas, insurance and maintenance can be a challenge, but if the car is in good condition, a California consumer may find he or she is able to manage the monthly payments. However, problems arise when an unsuspecting car buyer is the victim of dealer fraud.

Failure to reveal open recalls may not be dealer fraud

When a defect in a motor vehicle leads to the injury or death of a child, parents and community members understandably rush to find a reason. In some cases, dealer fraud is the reason a vehicle is sold with a defect. However, California consumers may be interested in knowing how much responsibility a used car dealer has in making repairs for autos under recall notice. A community in another state learned this information following a tragic accident that resulted in a child's death.

ATV owners join class action citing defective recreational vehicl

Enthusiasts of all-terrain vehicles know they are fun and versatile, useful for off-road riding, racing or general utility purposes. Riding an ATV requires skill and caution, and while California does not require a license to operate one, some states do require special training. Nevertheless, training and skill may do little to prevent injury if the rider is on a defective vehicle. ATV owners from numerous states are seeking compensation through a class action lawsuit after a well-known ATV manufacturer apparently failed to address a dangerous defect.

Ease your concerns with a reliable car for your teen

It’s hard to believe that your kid is almost old enough to drive. It seems like just yesterday you were cheering as they took their first steps. Now you have a teenager who is eager to get behind the wheel. You talked to them about safe driving practices and set rules. Now you want to surprise them with their own set of wheels.

Lemon law and careful inspection can protect used car buyers

Buying a used car often means taking on the problems of the vehicle's previous owners. The frustration for many California consumers is that those problems may not manifest themselves until a considerable amount of time has passed, perhaps mere days after the expiration of any dealer warranty. Savvy consumers must do their homework to avoid wasting money and time on a used vehicle that is no longer protected by the lemon law.

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