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Fiat Chrysler vehicle defect leads to another recall

California consumers have several viable options for seeking compensation or reimbursement when their vehicles fail to live up to standards. When numerous consumers experience the same serious vehicle defect, they may band together in a class action lawsuit, especially after reports of injuries or death result from the defect. One auto maker is attempting to avoid such a lawsuit by issuing a recall of nearly five million vehicles.

Nissan fulfills lemon law requirement with rebuilt batteries

When a consumer purchases a new car that prematurely requires repairs, it can be a frustrating situation. Defects in a new car are covered under California's Lemon Law, and the manufacturer is required to find an adequate repair for the vehicle or replace it for the car owner. This can be an expensive undertaking for an automaker, and at least one manufacturer is testing a way to save money mitigating a common defect.

Man accused of dealer fraud for tampering with odometers

Many California consumers enter the used car buying process with the assumption that their dealer will treat them dishonestly. Accepting that there is no way to avoid dealer fraud is a sad statement on the image of car sellers. While many car dealers pride themselves on their high standards and ethical practices, the ones who mislead and take advantage of vulnerable customers continue to make it necessary for some consumers to seek legal assistance.

Toyota faces auto defect class actions for Prius defect

Auto recalls are no longer surprising news to those in California, even when they involve millions of vehicles. Recalls typically involve the repair or replacement of defective parts after which drivers should feel safer about operating their vehicles. When auto manufacturers fail to disclose information about dangerous defects, they may face auto defect class actions. Toyota is currently facing several lawsuits involving defects supposedly repaired in a previous recall.

A lemon law defense at no cost to you

You worked hard and finally saved enough money to buy yourself a new car. You have been enjoying driving your car around for a few months, when you hear a strange sound. You think, this cannot be happening. It is a brand new car. You wonder what you are going to do now because you spent all your savings on the car.

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