Nissan fulfills lemon law requirement with rebuilt batteries

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When a consumer purchases a new car that prematurely requires repairs, it can be a frustrating situation. Defects in a new car are covered under California's Lemon Law, and the manufacturer is required to find an adequate repair for the vehicle or replace it for the car owner. This can be an expensive undertaking for an automaker, and at least one manufacturer is testing a way to save money mitigating a common defect.

Those who purchased Nissan Leafs, electronic cars that run on battery packs, were disappointed when the batteries began to deteriorate after only one year. This phenomenon was especially common in warm climates. Replacing a failing battery pack with a new one cost Leaf owners over $6,500, a repair far more than a new car owner expects to pay so soon after a purchase.

Nissan is now offering refurbished battery packs to owners of older model Leafs whose batteries are showing signs of failure. Rather than the price of a new pack, car owners can pay $2,850 for a rebuilt battery to tide them over until they are ready to trade in their older vehicles. Leaf owners can save money for installation of the rebuilt battery pack because they will not have to go to a Nissan dealership for the repair.

Before this repair was available, California's Lemon Law would have required Nissan to buy back or replace the cars with the defective batteries. Owners of any defective vehicles that have undergone a reasonable number of attempted repairs have a right to the same results. To ensure one's rights are protected, a consumer can seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

Source:, "Nissan begins offering rebuilt Leaf battery packs", Eric C. Evarts, May 14, 2018

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