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Tips to avoid becoming a victim of dealer fraud

Selling vehicles is a difficult job, especially now that consumers can use the internet to research what they want and even make purchases online. While many reputable car salespeople in California find creative and practical ways to entice people to make a purchase, others use more underhanded tactics. Consumers on the hunt for a new or used vehicle would benefit from knowing some common examples of dealer fraud and how to avoid getting ripped off at the car lot.

Auto defect class actions may result from auto fires

It is not unusual for auto manufacturers to keep from the public information about potential dangers in their vehicles. After all, if California consumers learned that a defect or malfunction in a particular make or model is a threat to their safety, the reputation of the company will certainly suffer. When enough car owners seek legal help, they may combine their complaints into auto defect class actions so that more plaintiffs may seek relief in a single case.

What happens to lemon law buybacks in California?

For California consumers, it is quite frustrating to purchase a new vehicle only to have to return to the dealer for repairs soon afterward. While a vehicle is still under warranty, certain repairs may be covered. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. If the car requires the same repair or numerous repairs within a certain period of time, it may fall under the Lemon Law.

Veteran officer charged with dealer fraud scam

When California car dealers acquire vehicles that have been damaged or totaled, there are certain procedures they must follow in order to resell those vehicles to consumers. Most importantly, they must make critical repairs to ensure the vehicle runs safely. The dealers then apply for salvage titles for those refurbished autos so that consumers and insurers understand the vehicle has a history of damage. If a dealer does not follow the proper steps, consumers may fall victim to dealer fraud.

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