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Woman seeks class action status re defective headrests

Car owners may take for granted some of the safety features in their vehicles because they may not seem like safety features at all. In fact, the headrest in a vehicle may seem more of a comfort than a safety device. However, the position of the headrest prevents the driver or passenger's head from snapping back during a collision, causing whiplash or more serious neck injuries. California owners of cars manufactured by Fiat Chrysler may be interested in knowing how one woman is seeking class action status of her lawsuit regarding defective headrests.

Mercedes violated lemon law, judge rules

California consumers have certain protections when they purchase a new vehicle. The lemon law is one of those protections. This law allows a car owner a refund or replacement vehicle if a new vehicle has defects that cannot be repaired. In some cases, consumers need to fight for their rights under this law.

Dealer fraud begins at auction houses

When trading in one vehicle to buy a newer one, a California car owner will typically clean it thoroughly, make minor repairs and try to present it to the dealer in the most attractive condition possible. However, after trading in a car, the previous owner will rarely see his or her old vehicle on the same car lot. In fact, the peculiar way in which car dealers obtain their inventory provides a perfect cover for examples of dealer fraud.

Changes occur after auto defect class actions

When a consumer is injured by a product or service, he or she may feel there is little to do about it. However, if several consumers suffer injuries from a similar problem, they may unite to seek compensation for their damages. This is a particularly effective course of action when dealing with the automotive industry. Recent auto defect class actions have brought serious dangers to the attention of the public and have prompted auto manufacturers to take action to improve the safety of their vehicles.

When new vehicles are not reliable, the lemon law helps

California consumers in the market for a car may have definite reasons for choosing a new car over a pre-owned vehicle. While used cars may be cheaper up front, many car owners do not want to deal with the cost and inconvenience of frequent repairs that often go hand-in-hand with owning a used vehicle. Recent reports show that the purchase of a new vehicle does not always result in carefree ownership, and an owner of a new car may have to call upon the state's lemon law for support.

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