Car dealers balk at lemon law repairs

California car owners may quickly reach their frustration levels when repeated repairs bring them back to the dealer. What adds to their frustration is often the seeming indifference of the dealer. In fact, the more frequently a car owner returns to the dealer for repairs, the less enthusiastic the dealer may be about trying to find the source of the problem. The reason for this may be found in the wording of the Lemon Law.

Lemon Laws across the country are intended to protect consumers from fatally flawed products, including vehicles. Sometimes a vehicle simply has a defect that cannot be located or repaired, and a car owner may spend months returning to the dealer for more work. Worse yet is when the owner's car sits in the dealer's garage for weeks or longer while mechanics try to find the problem.

However, the Lemon Law does not hold the dealer responsible for the defect, the repair or the replacement of the vehicle. That obligation belongs to the manufacturer. Some dealers quickly lose interest in repeated repairs because the manufacturer is reluctant to pay them under the warranty for the same repair numerous times.

One car dealer in another state that saw similar defects in several cars of the same make and model began handing out the business cards of a Lemon Law attorney. Facing the manufacturer with the claim of an irreparable defect is a challenge and not one that many can manage without solid legal assistance. California consumers are fortunate to have attorneys with successful experience dealing with defective cars.

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