Dealer fraud takes advantage of slow Carfax reports

When a Los Angeles consumer needs a car, there are many choices. New or used, what make or model, and what options are some of the considerations a buyer must make. With dozens of car dealers in the city, a person may hope to come across a salesperson who is trustworthy, especially if the buyer is looking for a used car. However, consumers are learning that some car sellers have a slick, new way to commit dealer fraud.

Buyers of used cars often rely on Carfax reports to reveal to them any damage or defects the vehicle may have. What consumers may not realize is that Carfax reports may not be complete at the time they purchase a vehicle. In fact, some reports of damage may not show up on a Carfax report until a month or more after the consumer purchases the vehicle.

However, this doesn't mean the dealer is unaware of the problems. When dealers buy cars at auction, they hear the cars announced as having, for example, frame damage. Knowing this information is not yet on the Carfax report, the dealers may buy the cars cheap at auction and make cosmetic repairs. They may then sell them fast for a much higher price before a damage report shows up on Carfax. This way, dealers can present a clean Carfax report to the consumer despite their awareness of the damage.

Just because a consumer purchases a used car does not mean the buyer can't expect a certain level of quality. Los Angeles car dealers are held to certain standards of truth and ethical behavior, and buyers have a right to expect this when they make a purchase. Those who are duped by unscrupulous salespeople trying to get away with dealer fraud may find assistance from an attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers.

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