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Ease your concerns with a reliable car for your teen

It’s hard to believe that your kid is almost old enough to drive. It seems like just yesterday you were cheering as they took their first steps. Now you have a teenager who is eager to get behind the wheel. You talked to them about safe driving practices and set rules. Now you want to surprise them with their own set of wheels.

California consumer scores major legal victory over CarMax

When buying a used car from a dealership, it makes sense that a consumer would assume they’re purchasing a safe vehicle. After all, many used auto retailers boast of employing thorough safety inspections on their inventory, ensuring that the car leaving their lot isn’t a “lemon.” Unfortunately, however, not all dealers are honest, and that can mean potentially dangerous problems for car shoppers.

3 tips to avoid purchasing a lemon

Purchasing a vehicle is a substantial investment for many. However, once the repairs outweigh the cost of the car early on, it may raise suspicion to whether or not it is a lemon. In California, dealers are required to sell vehicles free from damaged windshields, tires, brakes and lights. New vehicles sold are tethered to state lemon laws until the mileage reaches 18,000 or 18 months after receiving the new purchase.

3 things to check during a test drive

A test drive doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about how the vehicle runs, but it can be a good indicator of potential problems. For new drivers, however, it’s often hard to know what exactly to look for during this trial. The engine starts and the wheels roll forward. What else can you tell from the next 15-30 minutes?

Tips for tracking a lemon

Vehicles are a significant part of the household budget. At the start of 2017, the average new car cost $31,400. In addition, insurance, maintenance and fuel increase the expense. Most consumers take out loans to buy cars—and they expect consistent, satisfactory results in return.

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