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Mercedes violated lemon law, judge rules

California consumers have certain protections when they purchase a new vehicle. The lemon law is one of those protections. This law allows a car owner a refund or replacement vehicle if a new vehicle has defects that cannot be repaired. In some cases, consumers need to fight for their rights under this law.

When new vehicles are not reliable, the lemon law helps

California consumers in the market for a car may have definite reasons for choosing a new car over a pre-owned vehicle. While used cars may be cheaper up front, many car owners do not want to deal with the cost and inconvenience of frequent repairs that often go hand-in-hand with owning a used vehicle. Recent reports show that the purchase of a new vehicle does not always result in carefree ownership, and an owner of a new car may have to call upon the state's lemon law for support.

What happens to lemon law buybacks in California?

For California consumers, it is quite frustrating to purchase a new vehicle only to have to return to the dealer for repairs soon afterward. While a vehicle is still under warranty, certain repairs may be covered. However, there comes a time when enough is enough. If the car requires the same repair or numerous repairs within a certain period of time, it may fall under the Lemon Law.

Nissan fulfills lemon law requirement with rebuilt batteries

When a consumer purchases a new car that prematurely requires repairs, it can be a frustrating situation. Defects in a new car are covered under California's Lemon Law, and the manufacturer is required to find an adequate repair for the vehicle or replace it for the car owner. This can be an expensive undertaking for an automaker, and at least one manufacturer is testing a way to save money mitigating a common defect.

Lemon law protections are not always easy to get

Most major purchases come with some sort of warranty. These warranties promise that the product will function as it is meant to, and if it is defective, the manufacturer will repair or replace it. Motor vehicles come with similar warranties. Vehicles with defects that cannot be repaired, even after numerous attempts by a manufacturer's mechanics, may fall under the lemon law. California consumers should know it is not always easy to get a manufacturer to honor the protections that law affords, and obtaining satisfaction may require legal assistance.

Lemon law and careful inspection can protect used car buyers

Buying a used car often means taking on the problems of the vehicle's previous owners. The frustration for many California consumers is that those problems may not manifest themselves until a considerable amount of time has passed, perhaps mere days after the expiration of any dealer warranty. Savvy consumers must do their homework to avoid wasting money and time on a used vehicle that is no longer protected by the lemon law.

Lemon law invoked for water in cab of pickup

The purchase of a new vehicle can be an exciting event, especially if a consumer has made satisfying purchases from the same auto manufacturer in the past. Trading in an older, faithful vehicle for an upgraded model is often a leap of faith, but many California vehicle owners do so to avoid the cost and bother of repairs that often begin to arise as cars or trucks age. One man in another state made such a trade and regretted his decision within 10 days of his purchase. Subsequently, he had to invoke his state's lemon law.

Lemon law and recalls are evidence of poor quality

California consumers may have noticed the increasing number of automotive recalls in recent years. These recalls for serious and dangerous car defects have not been limited to one geographic area, one manufacturer or one type of defect. Some attribute these widespread issues to an overall lack of attention to quality in car manufacturing which is bringing more people back to dealers for repairs covered under the lemon law or recommended through recalls.

Car dealers balk at lemon law repairs

California car owners may quickly reach their frustration levels when repeated repairs bring them back to the dealer. What adds to their frustration is often the seeming indifference of the dealer. In fact, the more frequently a car owner returns to the dealer for repairs, the less enthusiastic the dealer may be about trying to find the source of the problem. The reason for this may be found in the wording of the Lemon Law.

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